Prevent hackers from compromising the safety of your DeFi protocol

Integrate Lossless code into your protocol to mitigate the losses suffered from exploits & hacks.

Integrating with Lossless

Why token creators choose to have Lossless protection?

Lossless Protocol offers around the clock protection against malicious actors. At no upfront cost, get involved with our community and take advantage of the latest technology on hack mitigation to date.

Increased token security

Our stake-based reward system incentivizes the community of white-hat hackers to develop increasingly efficient hack-spotting mechanisms.

Reverting stolen funds

The independent committee enacts a proposal for transaction reversal, and the code reverts stolen funds back to the owner’s address.

Investor & community confidence

Additional layer of token security provides extra reliability in the eyes of the community and investors, paving way for faster adoption of the project.

Projects using Lossless

Dao Maker Founder
Christof Zaknun

“Lossless has been one of my personally favorite teams that DAO Maker has worked with. They are professional, hardworking and have a vision that all of crypto can benefit from. Everybody should support the LSS team helping us clean up the industry!”

AAG Ventures Co-Founder & CEO
Jack Vinijtrongjit

“Lossless team is like an extension to our team. The level of support they gave us is incredible. Managing cryptocurrency is difficult. Hacks and scams are still happening far more often in the blockchain space than we would like to see. With Lossless technology, we are able to have additional peace of mind knowing that there is a protocol that can help with recovery if it ever happens.”

Vulcan Forged CEO
Jamie Thomson

“Lossless reached out to us immediately following the hack. Their team did an incredible job helping us follow the movement of funds with stellar communication. Their code within the new contract gives us a far bigger sense of security.”

Enjoy DeFi hack free!

Try Lossless products

Vault Protection
Vault Protection

Security-enhancing tool for project owners who manage treasury and other project-owned wallets holding project funds.

Hack Explorer
Hack Explorer

Transaction monitoring dashboard used by professional white hat hackers and crypto security enthusiasts to spot and freeze suspicious on-chain activity.

Token Minter
Token Minter

Permissionless tool for creating and deploying a Lossless-wrapped token smart contract on Ethereum, Ropsten, BSC, Polygon, Harmony and Fantom.

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Limit the chances of being hacked - implement an additional layer of security